Explore Cyclades and Argosaronic islands

Nireas ships from Lavrion port and you can reach island around CYCLADES ISLANDS and Argosaronic islands. You can find out private beaches with deep blue water, and beautiful sand

Below you can see all the beautifull islands that you can visit with our yachts. Destinations depend mainly on the weather and your mood! You can explore beaches and islands that you could never reach!


Cyclades Islands

Argosaronic islands

Argosaronic islands

The Peloponnese’s east shoreline and the islands dotting the Argolic & Saronic Gulf waters are popular tourist destinations in close proximity to Athens. Methana, Salamina, Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses can offer their visitors memorable experiences that include views of beautiful land & seascapes, impressive archaeological sites, museums, stately homes, picturesque villages and wonderful beaches.


Aegina Island is a popular tourist destination and the ideal weekend getaway – only 16.5 nautical miles away from Piraeus Harbour. According to the myth, the island was named after the nymph (a lesser female deity) Aegina, daughter of the river god Asopos, with whom Zeus fell in love and lived his romance with her here.



Set sail for Spetses Island and visit a place with a long and glorious maritime history. Board your yacht and sail around the island’s beautiful beaches and Spetsopoula islet. Bear in mind that September is a great month to visit Spetses, as the Armata festivities take place there.

spetses island


Your next sailing destination is Hydra, the celebrities’ favourite spot. This island has been selected by famous artists, writers and jet-setters, such as Leonard Cohen, Henry Miller and the Greek famous painter N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika, who either lived here or visited often. This, too, is an island where cars are banned.

hydra yacht island


Perched on the slopes a hill, overlooking the vast Aegean sea and the opposite Galatas, Poros Town is the center of the island’s activity. What’s more, in the picturesque Poros Town, you’ll find a great selection of Poros hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, and taverns! it is one of the popular Greek islands, especially for weekend getaways from the capital.

poros island beach yacht

Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades is a complex of islands located in the heart of the Aegean and includes some of the most famous Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos. The capital of the Cyclades is Syros which is located in the northern part of the complex.

The Cyclades islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations for Greek and foreign vacationers. During the summer season, the Cyclades are flooded with travelers from all over the world to enjoy the unique views and scenic landscapes, the remarkable historical and archeological sites, and of course, the wonderful beaches and the clear blue waters of the Aegean.


If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday enjoying the magic of the natural landscape, or if you prefer spree and adventure, in the Cyclades you can have the choice you want.

Kimolos, Donoussa, Schinoussa and Iraklia are perhaps the least known islands of the Cyclades, but an ideal destination for those seeking peace and tranquility. On the contrary, islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Ios and of course Syros with its popular casino offer entertainment lovers intense vacations and spree until morning.


Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades island group and the nearest island to the neighboring Dodecanese island group in Greece. The movie Infinite Blue was shot here. Amorgos is well know for its enchanting waters, its picturesque cobbled streets, the intoxicating sunset, the unpretentious relaxation

Amorgos Island cyclades


Andros is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, perhaps the greenest island in the Cyclades and the northernmost of the complex. Andros is a miniature of Greece, has high mountains, many ravines, small rivers, valleys planted with vineyards, running water, cypresses, oaks, fruit trees, olive trees, thermal springs.

andros  islands


An island very close to Paros, Antiparos with the fairytale natural landscape, the whitewashed houses, the crystal clear seas and the historical treasures



The small island of Ios is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades with amazing landscapes, fantastic sandy beaches and excellently organized tourist infrastructure.

ios port


Between Naxos and Amorgos is a complex of small islands known as the “Small Eastern Cyclades”. Donoussa is the largest island of the complex, a place of incredible tranquility ideal destination for a relaxing holiday.



Heraklion, one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades, is located between Ios and Naxos and belongs to the complex of the Small Eastern Cyclades. It is an ideal solution to escape from the fast pace, regularity, pressure and stress, either for those who live there or for those who visit it.

irakleia island yacht


Beautiful sandy beaches, traditional villages and minimal Cycladic architecture create a unique atmosphere that never fails to captivate the visitors. But there’s a reason in particular why Tinos Greece stands out. It’s because it is where the spiritual heart of Greece beats! The reason? Panagia Megalochari church, which is visited by thousands of worshipers every year!



The island of Kea or “Tzia” as it is known, is located just a few nautical miles from Cape Sounio and is the closest, to Athens, island of the Cyclades. Kea Greece is a verdant island with many cultivations and forests, while it boasts a wonderful landscape. Thanks to its proximity to Athens, Kea has emerged as a great city break destination



Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands and perhaps the most cosmopolitan destination in Greece. Apart from natural beauties, it has a very old history that dates back to 2000 years ago, as evidenced by the ancient findings of the excavations, the Byzantine churches and the monasteries of the island.



The scenery in Koufonisia Greece is beyond words! Unreal turquoise water, glittering sand, laid-back atmosphere, and Cycladic architecture create a true wonder amid Cyclades archipelago. If you’re looking for a paradise island to unwind and relax, you’ve just found it!

koufonisia beaches yacht


Kimolos is a beautiful little island of the Cyclades, located next to Milos. Although it sits next to one of the most popular Greek islands, Milos manages to keep its unspoiled charm. This island is a world unto itself! Famous for its amazing beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque architecture, Kimolos Greece is shaping up to be one of the hottest alternative destinations in Greece.


Kythnos is a beautiful mountainous island that sits on the west part of the Cyclades island group. Boasting a wild natural landscape, an elegant architecture and a selection of stunning beaches, Kythnos island Greece is arguably one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

kithnos island yacht


Milos is one of the volcanic Greek islands, sitting at the southernmost part of the Cyclades island complex. Thanks to its volcanic origin, Milos boasts a magnificent colorful landscape and a coastline that counts more than 40 exotic beaches. Milos is a paradise on earth!

milos beach yacht


Despite being relatively underrated, compared to the neighboring Greek islands, Naxos is one of the most interesting destinations in Greece! Its glorious ancient past and strong influences of the Venetians and the Franks are responsible for the abundance of ancient sites. Naxos breathes history!



Paros is an island of the Cyclades island group. Combining modern with traditional elements in the most unique way, Paros is a mix of traditional Cycladic architecture, vivid nightlife, magical Paros beaches, enchanting rural villages, and historical monuments.



Santorini is the most popular Greek destination and a worldwide famous island! Once you set your foot in Santorini, you’ll feel like entering a whole new world. A world where all the shades of red create unreal sunsets, Santorini caldera offers the most dramatic sea views you’ve ever seen and enormous cliffs are dotted with dreamy Cycladic whitewashed houses!



Serifos is a Greek island, which belongs to the Cyclades island group in the Aegean sea. It is a remote destination, yet to be discovered by the mass visitors, so it is perfect for laid back holidays in Greece, away from the hustle and the bustle! Both Chora Serifos and the island’s villages have been built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture, thus expect to see whitewashed houses, paved streets and traditional windmills galore!

serifos yacht beaches


Sikinos Greece is a secluded island of the Cyclades island group, located between Folegandros and Ios. Its position, close to some of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades makes Sikinos a great destination for quick getaways and island hopping. The tourism has yet to gasp itself upon this island, thus it remains unspoiled and makes the perfect Greek island destination for relaxing holidays away from the crowds.

sikinos beach yacht


Boasting the typical Cycladic architecture, Sifnos is dotted with cubic whitewashed houses, over 300 (!) beautiful churches, dovecotes, and little earthenware shops. The island oozes a fairytale charm that it makes it feel like it’s a world away from the mainland

sifnos beach yacht


Syros belongs to the Cyclades island group, in the Aegean sea. It might not be as popular as its neighboring Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros, but that’s where this island’s charm lies.

siros island


Boasting an unspoiled natural setting, Schinoussa Greece has emerged as an alternative destination for relaxing holidays, away from the bright lights. Secluded beaches, wild landscapes, and little traditional settlements create a distressing atmosphere that never fails to captivate visitors.


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